DED Members list 2012-13

NBB nr First Name Last Name Jersey No
412400066 Stefan Hofschneider 23
412400079 Dimitrios Kaffatos 10
420000034 Justinas Milasauskas 19
412400082 Pierre Bocande 32
412400087 William (Bill) Richardson 13
417100246 Efstratios Polychronidis 7
412400092 Antonios Themistokleous 15
412400094 Athanasios Noulas 34
412400096 Erdni Batyrev 4
412400098 Konstatinos Vatopoulos 17
216301458 Ivan Bank 12
412400099 Conor Douglas 16
412400100 Lassaad Gaiji 33
412400101 Ioannis Mademlis 14
412400102 Konstantinos Antonakakis 77
412400103 Paulius Virbickas 11
412400104 Athanasios Simoglou 21
412400105 Federico Carlo Ciocca 8
412400106 Spyridon Koulouzis 20
412400107 Goce Markovski 5
412400108 Georgios Christofidis 9
412400109 Fabio Caldovino 17
412400110 Dimitrios Chalkias 6
412400111 Dimitrios Mandiliotis 18
412400112 Peter William Schelvis 25

The games are about to begin…

Dear DEDers,
Hopefully through this blog we will be able to exchange some thoughts throughout the season.
The first games are planed for this Saturday, 22 of September 2012 for both our teams: DED1 and DED2 play home.
DED1 will participate in a known  league and has the quality and experience to play a staring role.
DED2 will play in a less known league and the championship is expected to be tough.
Something that we all should take very seriously is that we are not at the top of our fitness, individually and as teams. Keep this in mind mainly for avoiding moves that could lead to an injury on indivitual level but also for not starting the season thinking that you will perform in the court everything that you have in your mind in a team level. Stay concentrated and these will come as well!
Something else: according to the referee scheme we will have to do the services for each other for most of the home games this season. So, when you disagree with a call of your club-mate, think about it as if your own calls are being judged…
Stay away from injuries and enjoy the games!