The first step is to join a training session and meet our team and club members. Then you have to read and confirm the DED Member’s General Agreement 2015.

If there’s a match, you’ll be assigned to your team and the fun begins!

Further, please use the on-line sign up form (you will receive an e-mail to complete the form on-line) or print, fill in and handover the New Member Subscription Form to one of the board members (Dimitris, Ivan or Thanasis). Also provide your digital photo if you are to be a playing member.

If you’ve been a member of a Dutch basketball club in the last 5 years, you will need a release form (schuldvrijverklaring formulier), signed by a member of the board of your former club. Please contact our member administration for further instructions.

Once the administration has been processed you can immediately start playing games! Until your Players Card is received, you have to have with you an Identification Document to the games.