Kicking Off


The season set to kick off with DED Basketball fielding four mens teams and 1 ladies team.

That’s also what happened so many years ago when a group of guys founded the club way back in 1909 with the strange name of “De Eerst Driejarige”.

It then continues with a whole bunch of guys stepping up and making sacrifices. Year after year for more than 100 years. Operating a basketball club takes lots of time, energy and commitment. Setting up and organizing, referee, table and official duties the list is endless. But good guys working together has make it happen.

BTW. DED has won the national championship eight times! (1957/1958, 1955/1956, 1953/1954, 1952/1953, 1951/1952, 1949/1950, 1946/1947 & 1945/1946)