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Kicking Off


The season set to kick off with DED Basketball fielding four mens teams. I think it’s a good time to reflect a bit on how we got here.

Well it starts with some good guys getting together. They are joined by some other good guys and “wammo” you got a basketball team.

That’s also what happened so many years ago when a group of guys founded the club way back in 1909 with the strange name of “De Eerst Driejarige”.

It then continues with a whole bunch of guys stepping up and making sacrifices. Year after year for more than 100 years. Operating a basketball club takes lots of time, energy and commitment. Setting up and organizing, referee, table and official duties the list is endless. But good guys working together has make it happen.

All this history makes me pause as I introduce my issue.

What do we call out of huddles?

“DED!” Sound too much like “DEAD!”, I’d change it to “Team” but that sound too much like high-school. On the other end of the scale we could always come up with something like the haka.

My suggestions is that we go with “Amsterdam” as that’s where we’re all from… at least for the time being!

Have a great season and don’t be a dick!

BTW. DED has won the national championship eight times! (1957/1958, 1955/1956, 1953/1954, 1952/1953, 1951/1952, 1949/1950, 1946/1947 & 1945/1946)


Arch Rivals Game 1 (W)

It was to be the first of two matches against the current leader and expected champion of their league MBCA 1 of Amstelveen.

MBCA 1 currently sits as the undisputed leader in their league with an almost unblemished record. At the same time DED 2 is playing in a sister league, 2B to their 2A, and has a similar albeit slightly more blemished record for the 2016 season.

It was therefore only natural that the two teams meet in friendly competition. Two  potential champions meeting.

DED 2 quickly ran out to an early lead but the veterans of MBCA met the challenge and caught up with a flurry with three point shots and free throws to tie the score at halftime.  41-41.

In the second half the intensity of DED 2 was simply too much for MBCA. Few open shots were available and these were consistently challenged and then missed. Big man Devy and Lau scored consistently in the post and the MBCA side was quickly in foul trouble. Multiple fast break baskets turned the tide as the open floor running game of DED 2 was showcased.

MBCA fought valiantly but the unforgiving baskets of the Apollo Hall prevailed. We will need to be very careful as these shots will be made on a home court. Be warned!

As with a good team win the credit goes to the team, but it’s fun to have a “Man of the Match”, so this game’s it’s Philip Sowers. Rebounding, defense and leadership.

Both sides agreed Dim did a great job of refereeing the game, so much so they’ve asked him for the March 17 return match at MBCA.

We took an event photo and we all hope to do more of these friendly events in the future. Perhaps a trip to a Greek island?